The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steffinee is 14 Today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SPECIAL GIRL, STEFFINEE JO WILSON!  14?  How did you get there so fast?  Papaw, Grandma, Dustin, Samantha, and the rest of your Texas family wish you a very happy birthday!  Here is a picture of Daddy's girl on his lap!

For those who wonder why she is my special girl, there is a good reason.  When each of my grandchildren were infants/toddlers, I tagged them with a special name from grandma.  Dustin is My Buddy, Lauren is Grandma's Angel, Lindsay is Grandma's Ladybug, Steffinee is My Special Girl - because she lives so far away and I see her so seldom, and Samantha is my Baby Girl.  Yes, Carlos and Isabell are missing from the list.  They came into my life later and missed the early years naming process.

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