The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Sunday, May 31, 2015


This morning prayers were prayed over some of our youth who will be going on a mission trip here in Texas to minister to people and do some much needed work for others. Carlos and Isabell are in this group.


Lauren and Lindsay lost their Great-Grandpa Thornburg this morning, the day after his 90th birthday. They spent time with him in Tulsa last weekend for a big birthday celebration. I am so thankful they had that time with him and got these good pictures. He was a wonderful man who will be greatly missed.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Carlos Smith ready for his 9th grade (Freshman) party celebrating the end of his years at Harwood Junior High last night. (In his school district grades 7,8,9 are Junior High.) Stepping out in his THS colors of red and black, we hope he had a great evening.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


After years of drought we have had one of the wettest months of May ever in Grapevine. There has been much damage from the rains in Central and South Texas. Thank God we haven't had it bad here. But we are tired of rain. Third rainiest month of May on record and we still have three days left in the month. Chad took this picture yesterday of the Oak Grove Park Ball Fields and parking lot. We used to live a couple of blocks from there and had a flood back then. The kids posted the following remarks after he posted the picture. The Grapevine Police posted the spillway picture today.

The Spillway at Grapevine Lake.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Today is field day at Samantha's school. Usually the kids get too hot on field day. Today is unusually cool in North Texas making it strange to see Samantha wearing a jacket!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Happy Anniversary to our oldest daughter and her husband Rodney. Wishing you at least another 23 years of happiness together. You make us so happy and thank you for two beautiful granddaughters. We love you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


A good friend I went to school with in Indiana posted this picture on facebook this morning. It brought back so many memories for me of my Grandma Hawkins and what we used to call Decoration Day, now Memorial Day. I am going to write down some of these memories for my grandchildren to see. 

Grandma had a couple of huge peony bushes in her yard between her garden and her house. One was white and one was pink. She would cut the blooms and make bouquets to take to the cemeteries to put on relatives graves. Grandma and Grandpa didn't own a car and neither ever drove so we were their transportation. We would load up the car  - Dad, Mom, Becky, Myself, Grandpa and Grandma and head out. We would always run into other relatives and spend an hour or two visiting under the shade trees in the church yards. We usually took a thermos jug and a snack and of course grandma's bouquets. First we would go to Mt. Ebal Cemetery where grandma's parents were buried as well as my mom's baby brother, grandma's only brother and other of her relatives. I would learn much about little Morris Eugene and how horrible his death was at age 4 of diptheria. I heard about being quaranteened in a house with no one allowed in, the other children kept home from school and the neighbors standing outside in the yard while the family stayed in the house by themselves for the funeral. I would hear about my great-uncle being electrocuted when a storm knocked down some electrical lines. Electricity had been fairly new in our rural area at that time and its power was fascinating. I would listen to my grandma talk about losing her only brother, her beloved baby, etc and her faith in God that saw her through those times. I believed if my grandma could survive all that and continue to love God and trust him like she did that I, too, could survive anything with God's help. That has served me well over the years.

My dad had several relatives, mostly uncles, buried in that same cemetery. I was always fascinated when he would point out their gravestones. My maiden name was Sowders. I couldn't understand how all these men had been my grandpa's brothers because their names were Sowders, Sowder, Souder, and Souders. Years later when I lived in New York City I looked up the name/s out at the Statue of Liberty. Yes, they were all there.

After Mt. Ebal we would drive over to Chapel Hill Cemetery where my grandpa's family was buried. Those stories were interesting as well. My Great-Grandma Hawkins was evidently quite a character. She was known as the local who could fore-tell things and was called a witch by some. She would tell people that far-away relatives had died before they ever got the official word, and other things of that nature. There was actually a newspaper article written about her many years later.

Entertainment was also a part of the day. In those days the Indianapolis 500 was run on the actual day, not on a weekend like it is now. Someone, usually my Uncle Bill, would have his car radio on to keep us updated on the race. Sometimes when I would get bored with everything I would sit in is car and listen to the race while the adults visited.

One of the main lessons for me was this; Be kind and do for others even when it isn't what you really want to do with your time. My dad worked in a foundry and I know this was not his favorite way to spend his day off. But he did it year after year with a smile on his face because he knew it was important to my grandparents and therefore important to my mother. Later when I became an adult with a job, a home, and a family I came to see how precious a day off work could be and I had a greater appreciation for all my dad had done for my elderly grandparents out of love.

And all that came from seeing the picture below on my friend's page this morning. Isn't it beautiful?

Monday, May 18, 2015


Steve and I enjoyed going to the annual prayer breakfast with Chad but sorry the grandkids had to miss it this year. It is a blessing to live in a country where we can show honor to our military with prayer and hear the prayers of our earlier Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ronald Reagan. Yes, we are a Christian nation and we all need to pray that we stay one.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The Harwood Junior High Choir had their Spring concert this week. They did songs from Annie and here is Isabell dressed as an orphan. We didn't make the concert but Mary said they did a good job.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I love finding these old pictures of Mom's. She often told me about going with Elsie and Orville to Florida to see Ansel when he was there before being shipped out in WWII. I'm thinking she said this was taken in Panama City but I am not sure. I assume Uncle Orville was the photographer.

Elsie Hawkins Clampitt, Charles Ansel Hawkins, and Nora Helen Hawkins (Sowders)


I love this picture of my beautiful Aunt Thelma (Sowders) Prince. This was taken this past weekend at a wedding. I am thinking she is probably in her mid 80s. She is my dad's middle sister and is a precious lady. Love you, Aunt Thelma.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is a picture I found the other day. This is my mother on the left and my Aunt Mary on the right. This was taken in the 1940s while my dad and my Uncle Kelsie were away in the war. Mom and Mary enjoyed being together and Mary loved going to Guthrie to spend time at Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins house. This was taken in their backyard with the old wash house in the background. Years later my sister, cousins and I loved playing in that wash house. I also remember church services being held there occasionally. When I was a little girl my parents bought that lot, tore down the old wash house and built a home there. Precious memories!

Helen Hawkins (Sowders) and Mary Walters (Hawkins)
Guthrie, Indiana

Monday, May 11, 2015


We lost a dear friend last evening. I always called Florence Childers my 'other mother' because I spent so much time at her house when I was young. Since I have lived in Texas we communicated over the years with cards, letters, and phone calls. Whenever I would be in Indiana I would go to her house for a meal. She always made my favorite - goulash! She usually made me an oatmeal cake, another favorite, too. My kids and grandkids knew that if we went to Indiana there would be a trip to Florence's house, that would be a given. My heart breaks for her five children as I know what it is to lose your mother. Here husband died when her children were ages 11 to 3 months old. Not only did she do a great job raising them to be great citizens and Christians, she always allowed others of us to tag along. We will miss you, Florence, but we know you have gone to a place of peace and joy.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Fourth Grade Field Trip

Samantha and Mary today at Heritage Village, Old City Park in Dallas. This was Samantha's 4th grade field trip. It is a great place for kids and they had good weather today. Back in my younger, healthier days I took my children's Sunday School class there every year. Always great fun.


Harold Wayne Sowders and Nora Helen Hawkins were married on May 8, 1946. Dad died April 9, 1989 and Mom died July 4, 2003. Becky and I, along with our families, miss them very much. We are proud of the legacy they left us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The girls love surprising grandma with selfie photos on her phone. This one was evidently taken in the car on the way home from church Sunday.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Our beautiful granddaughter Lindsay and her boyfriend Kirk ready for his Grapevine High School Baseball Banquet.


Samantha loves going to the range with her daddy. Today after church and lunch he took her to the range in Dallas. I'm glad he is teaching her gun safety and how to use a gun should she ever have to.


Isabell and Samantha passing out bulletins and greeting people this morning at church.