The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Thursday, October 9, 2014

August 1991

I used this picture today for my Throw Back Thursday facebook picture. Other than being with her great-grandchildren I don't think there was anything my mom enjoyed more than travel. She could be packed and ready to go on a moments notice. Here she is enjoying Dollywood with family friends Deanna Sicking (now Cook), her neice Beverly Sutton and Deanna's mom Mary. The Sicking family took her on several trips and she so enjoyed everyone. Even after she was disabled by her stroke she still loved to travel. Christy, Dustin, and I flew her down to Houston to visit NASA, Moody Gardens, etc. She enjoyed herself so much. We got a motel close by the Johnson Space Center so we could take her back to rest when she tired. The joke was on us, she didn't really tire and had no desire to go rest. We sure do miss her.

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