The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Friday, October 17, 2014


There's not much I miss about Indiana and I hope to never live there again. Having said that, I will admit I do miss the beautiful Fall colors of Southern Indiana. I love this picture of one of the stone quarries in Oolitic, Indiana in my home county of Lawrence. I'm sure my children remember some scenes like this one and how pretty the colors were around Lake Monroe from our houseboat. But I want my grandchildren to know just how pretty Southern Indiana can be.

The Empire Quarries were named for the Empire State Building in NYC because they quarried the stone for that building along with many of the famous buildings in NYC and Washington, DC. My grandpa Sowders worked for Empire and was a part of all that. I had the priviledge of taking each of my children to visit the Empire State Building when I was living and working in NYC. I would love to take my grandchildren there. Lauren and Lindsay have been there but the others have not, yet, I might add.

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