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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Samantha Baking for Friends and Papaw

Samantha is with us today and she has been a busy girl baking for friends and making cupcakes for her "sugar addicted" papaw. As I have pulled up pictures from the past to post of her on my facebook page this month, I am realizing just how long she has loved baking and cooking.  Early pictures show her standing in a chair just to reach the counter top. Today I smiled as I saw her working in the kitchen while listening to and singing along with praise music. She is precious and I hope and pray she stays this way. Here are some of the goodies she made today.

Mini Pear Cakes and a couple of Maple Cupcakes for friends Terry and Darla Mitchell. Terry and Darla have pear trees and a pecan tree in their yard. She gets pears and pecans from them and then makes them treats. She loves baking for them. She will deliver these at church tomorrow.

Decorating her maple cupcakes. No, she is not growing a moustache, she was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while she baked. I love the crayons in the background - time out from her art work to bake and decorate.

Her smiley mini cupcake.

Maple Cupcakes

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