The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Thursday, July 4, 2013

10 Years of Missing My Mom

 We lost mom 10 years ago today.  I miss her so much and sometimes it seems like only yesterday she was here with us and sometimes it seems like it has been forever since I spent time with her.  I especially miss our Scrabble games.  We used to stay up until the early morning hours, just the two of us, playing scrabble and munching on popcorn.  I haven't played a good scrabble game since she died.  Here she is with a couple of her great-grandchildren, Dustin and Lauren.  She doted on her great-grandchildren and they doted on her.  Just this week I overheard Steffinee telling Samantha, "I wish you had known mam-mam.  You would have loved her."  That is a tribute that would have made "Mam-Mam" proud!

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