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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lone Star State of Mind

Tonight we will be in a Lone Star State of Mind as we enjoy some good ole Texas music.  Samantha enjoyed the Grapevine Opry so much last Saturday night that she sent Cathy an email last night asking if she had tickets so we could go again this week!  The kid loves music but grandma told her we cannot afford $40 a weekend to entertain her!  (You know she thinks grandma's money grows on trees!)  Being the self-assured little lady that she is, she just knew Cathy would want us to be there!  So once again Cathy graciously gave grandma and grandpa her comp tickets and grandma will spring for Samantha a ticket.  Looking forward to some rip-roaring, foot-stomping, boot-scooting down-home Texas music.  Tonight's show is entitled Lone Star State of Mind and will feature all Texas artists music.  No doubt we will be hearing "I'm Walking the Floor Over You" and "On The Road Again."
Love this hometown old theatre that is used continually for live music venues.

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