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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandma's Birthday

Today would have been my Grandma Hawkins' birthday.  I was priviledged to grow up next door to this precious woman and it shaped my life.  Not only did she teach me practical life lessons, she took me on walks to throw rocks in the creek which helped me somewhat overcome my extreme fear of water.  She took me on long walks by the railroad tracks where I enjoyed listening to her stories about the past, which I believe formed my love of history.  But most importantly she taught me about faith.  My grandmother trusted everything to God.  I saw skin cancer fall off her face because of prayer.  I watched her broken arm heal without pain medication or a trip to the doctor.  I often woke to her praying and went to sleep hearing her prayers.  I will always be thankful God allowed her to be my grandmother. She lived to be in her 90s so all my children were able to enjoy her, too.  I still miss her very much.

In the picture above, Grandma is holding her baby Morris Eugene.  She lost him to diptheria on his 4th birthday and talked about him and how precious he was for the rest of her life.  I sat in a seat next to her many times in the little church across the road.

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