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Saturday, December 13, 2014


I do so love our hometown of Grapevine, Texas. I love Main Street all year but especially at Christmastime. It is amazing how the city and merchants make it so Christmasy.  It has become an annual tradition to take Dustin and Samantha downtown and take lots of pictures. We went this afternoon while the temperatures were around 70 degrees. Will have to go back one evening for the light show. Papaw couldn't handle it and spent most of his time sitting in the library. Dustin, Samantha, and I walked almost the entire length of Main Street up and back. This old grandma is one tired lady!

At Main Street and Dallas Road. Samantha had to shade her eyes in the bright sunshine.

In the park by the log cabin. More shade her so Samantha didn't have to shade her eyes. I have their pictures next to this large ornament for the last two or three years. So interesting to see how much Samantha has grown. Dustin hasn't changed much.

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