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Friday, March 9, 2012

3:12 AM Message

Had a message this morning from my girls in Italy.  Got the message at 3:12 am, they were starting on their day over there.  They wanted to let Dustin know their tour guide is Mario and their bus driver is Luigi!  Dustin is a big Mario & Luigi fan so they thought that was funny.  They will be in Padua all day today meeting with two local student choirs all day and performing in a concert tonight.  Below is their list of song.  Love that they will end by giving these Italians some Western Swing!
Concert Program:
Go Tell John – Lloyd Pfautsch
Vere Languores Nostros (Latin)– Antonio Lotti
Hey Nonny No! - Kowalski
The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee (Psalm 145) – Jean Berger
Ave Maria – Tomas Luis de Victoria
When Jesus Wept – William Billings
Western Medley (Cowboy folk songs) – arr. Antinone
The Lone Prairie
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky

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