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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Had fun with Samantha last night. Chad dropped Steve, Samantha and myself off at the Palace Theater (Grapevine Opry) on Main Street for tapings of The Penny Gilley Show for RFD-TV. Having been in some TV filming when I worked in JCP corporate office I understood all the workings of making a production. Since Samantha likes watching Penny's show on TV I wanted her to see how it was produced. She had a great time, got to talk with and had her picture taken with Penny, saw country star Johnny Lee and another of her favorite RFD-TV stars Molly B, etc. She learned to sit quietly during filming, watch all the behind the scenes communication, and was surprised that sometimes it takes many retakes to film one song or conversation. Now she is anxiously awaiting seeing these new shows on TV. Another part of the learning process is that they filmed in segments and now the shows have to be 'put together'. It was interesting to her that after Johnny Lee sang and had left, they filmed Penny's introduction to him. I think she was a little surprised to know that won't be shown until later, starting in April. Steve enjoyed it so much he is considering going back today. If RFD-TV is available in your area and you enjoy classic country and gospel music be sure to check it out. Who knows, sometime this Spring or Summer you just might see us on TV! Now wouldn't that be a treat?!!
The Old Sign at The Palace.

Penny Gilley inside the Palace.

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