The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fallen Heros

I love America in spite of the mess she is in right now. I love being free to say what I please, worship when and where I want, come and go as I please, etc. But I try not to take those freedoms for granted. I grew up in the home of a veteran, married an active service member, and had a son serve six years in the Army. As a military wife I watched C-130s load up with men, some personal friends, heading off to war and I lived with a husband who kept a bag packed in case of 'the call'. I understand how families feel. Fortunately, all of my family served their time and came home. Not every family has been so fortunate. When I went to Pearl Harbor I looked up the name on the wall of a man my parents went to school with. My aunt lost a nephew in Vietnam, and I have seen young men from the community buried after losing their life in recent wars. I love holidays as much as the next person but I ask you when you are enjoying yourself this weekend, please take a moment to reflect on those who gave their lives that we might be free. And say a prayer for their families.

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