The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

Twenty-five years ago today my phone rang in the early morning hours and I knew it was not good news! Cindy was home from college for the weekend and in her bed asleep so I knew the call had to be from Indiana. When I heard mom's voice I could hear the tears in it and Becky's (she was on the extension phone) was worse.  I will always remember Mom's words, "He's gone". Even though his death was sudden (ruptured aorta) I was not shocked. God had been preparing us in advance. A few Sunday's before this one (yes, April 9, 1989 was a Sunday) Cindy had come home from Baylor and told me how God had woken her in the night a few nights in a row and discussed papaw's impending death with her. This was very important as Cindy had been very ill for a few years and she was very close to her papaw. She said she wanted to prepare me so she came home to tell me in person. God had also revealed this to me during prayer time at church a couple of Sunday's prior to dad's death. Even though God had prepared us, we still weren't ready to lose our beloved dad, father-in-law, and papaw. And even though it has been 25 years, we still miss him constantly.  My big regret is that he never lived to see his great-grandchildren. Thank you Christy for naming your son Dustin Wayne after your papaw. We love and miss you Dad!

Linda, Dad, Mom, Becky
May 1987

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