The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


And that is our New Year's Wish for You! Praying God will bless each of you this year with health and happiness.  I started to say with health, wealth, and happiness but dropped the wealth.  If he blesses you with health and happiness you will have wealth. Take it from one who knows, a year blessed with health is worth more than money can buy. In 2013 Steve and I were blessed with good health and I pray 2014 will also be a healthy year. Steve's health stayed steady and I felt better than I ever have.  Thank you, God.

The picture below shows one of our many blessings.  Yesterday Samantha helped me with food for our New Year's Eve. Chad, Mary, Samantha, and Dustin were all here with us.  After a spaghetti dinner and Samantha's good snacks, we played games until after midnight when it was time to pick up Carlos and Isabell from their youth group party at the church.  Samantha made two pies and a raspberry-pecan cheeseball which she is pictured with here.

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