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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunday School Christmas Memories

Another of my favorite ornaments on my Christmas tree.  I taught Sunday School classes for years and had some excellent students.  Earlier I posted the bell ornament on my tree from Ryan Warren, who is now a children's pastor in Houston. This cute little bear was from April Bardin in 1991.  Hanging these ornaments on my tree each year reminds me of the Happy Birthday Jesus parties we had every year in class.  Each child brought an empty box wrapped in birthday paper.  We decorated a chair and pretended Jesus was sitting in that chair. Each child would bring their gift to Him and tell Him what they were giving Him.  It was such a special time.  When I would order the birthday cake and ask them not to decorate it "Christmasy", they would always question me like I was crazy.  That would give me a chance to explain what we were doing.  I got to have some very good conversations with bakery workers and clerks at the check-out stands. It was interesting to see the kids, especially the bus kids who did not come from Christian families, understand what Christmas really is.

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