The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Credit Where Credit is Due

We hear so many complaints about the VA Healthcare System that I felt we should say something about Steve's care.  He could not get better care than what he gets through the Ft Worth, and Dallas when necessary, VA system.  He much prefers it to other health care options.  Now I admit I have done my share of complaining and had a few people in Dallas reassigned over the Dallas emergency room in years past but the complaints were always handled.  (I did the same thing more than once in civilian hospitals, too. Especially Bedford's Dunn Memorial!)

Steve gets excellent care from his primary care and psychologist, has a top of the line walker, expensive hearing aids, sees both doctors routinely, gets physical therapy when needed, and only pays a small copay for his prescriptions.  He wouldn't get all that anywhere else.

I'm sure there are many legitimate complaints (and some not so legit - I have observed them firsthand) but just wanted to say there are some really good VA places in America.

VA Clinic, Ft Worth, Texas

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