The Family of Steve & Linda Wilson

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's Projects

Samantha spent the weekend with us so you know that means spending time in the kitchen.  Her remark to me yesterday was, "Grandma, when you are gone - cause you know normally grandparents die before grandkids - I will know how to be a good grandma when it is my time to be one.  'Cause you know, well you have taught me how to do all this and I can teach mine."  She was cutting up potatoes at that time.  We also made a cake for Dustin and some cupcakes.  Here is today's projects; an apple crumb pie and a peach cobbler for daddy.  (Looks like it might be a little cinnamony!)  But she did these all by herself.  She also helped make the chili in the black pot so she wanted it in the picture, too!

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