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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Samantha's Bagel Bites

Samantha went to the Grapevine Library today for a cooking class with Chef Scott. They made tasty bagel bites filled with cream cheese and Nutella. He ask if she was coming straight home from the library. When she said she was, he ask her if she would like the leftover dough to bring home. Of course she was happy to have it. And you know she had to come home and make her own version. She had enough dough for eight so she made four filled with cream cheese and lemon curd and four filled with cream cheese and apricot preserves. She and Dustin said they are very good! Chef Scott told her you have to yell at the dough when you hit it with the rolling pin to tamp it down! I love that she is using the rolling pin my mom used all my life. I know it would make mom happy that her great-granddaughter is using it. Here's Samantha in action:

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