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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ankle Surgery

I have avoided this topic on this blog but was reminded by Samantha it is part of our family history and needs to be on here. I had a tumor removed from my ankle on July 17 and Samantha and Dustin have been taking care of me. Lauren and Lindsay have taken me for hair repairs, etc and been very helpful, too. Had a follow-up appointment with doctor today. I was disappointed that I had to keep the stitches, boot, ice machine, etc until I go back next Monday. Samantha took the following picture of me in all the apparatus last week.

And this is what is inside the big boot. The tubes connect the the electric ice maching that recirculates ice water through the gray boot. Got another layer added today when the doctor added what she called a compression cast beneath the ace bandage type layer.

First surgery I ever had that I got flowers from my surgeon!

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